Apophenia Is My Disease.

As most of you who speak French (which I do not) know that Ecris means write in French. Ecris is also the Greek Goddess of chaos, conflict and discord. 

That’s interesting. Language’s intertwined webs of repertoire in knowledge and expression like heaving clothing made from hemp strings. Surely there must be some great meaning. A definite concrete sign from the rays of the universe symbolising the metaphysical horizons of erratic hallucinatory eccentricity resting in the breast of a creative spirit. Coincidence is the mother of invention (Or something like that, maybe something else). This particular sequence of events must be craving a humming need for relation and connection with our very being.

But then again, Ecris is also the most massive dwarf planet in the solar system and it stands for the European Criminals Records Information system. Does this have some meaning? A paradox of space and time? I doubt so. Perhaps it was a mistake to get too excited. I knew it was too good to be true.

*Insert humorous transition to an inspirational message marking the meaning the of the previous words*

Often people search for meaning and purpose where there is none. Sometimes there is, but understand, sometimes there isn’t. Often we hear Camus shrug and whisper in the back of our mind “Hey, shit happens.” Pynchon and Broges would agree. That woman in the back yelling she saw Jesus buttered on her toast, that man at the Communications Center at NASA who hears a hidden message in sound transmitted from outer space, the sailor at sea who smelt a strange pungent whiff followed by a shaking of the waters and screamed “Nessie!”, they’re all the same. It’s our desire to seek, our hopeless curiosity, a necessity (that’s the word!) to want to understand what we can’t. Reality is a phenomena in itself. The paranoid need not look further.

It may be best to see what can be seen than always demanding the unseen with honest want for direction. Often one may find it best to confide with the placid ocean of today rather than attempting to find the obfuscation of the midnight.

Absurd, isn’t it?



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