Amir Khan visits Carlisle to support flood victims.

Manchester has seen the remnants of Storm Desmond passing by, with heavy wind and dense rainfall. However some places have had it much worse. Boxer Amir Khan made his way to the City of Carlisle in Cumbria, one of the cities worst affected, to show his support for the victims. The Amir Khan Foundation and the humanitarian charity Penny Appeal in Carlisle came together to assist the people.

The two time world champion made his way to the Greystone Community Center, conversing with victims and members of the Penny Appeals about the disastrous event. He, along with the charity’s volunteers, distributed hot meals to those forced to flee from their homes. The welterweight champion also handed out Christmas toys to children at the Kinder Park Nursery. Amir Khan led the volunteers across the Warwick Road area of the city, visiting the homes of victims and handing out food.


“It’s been good. Everybody recognizes him.”  Says Gareth of the Penny Appeal, whose colleagues credit him with starting the help. “It’s just nice to give people a lift in such a sad time as it is in the moment.”

5,200 homes have been affected by the flooding. Battered furniture and ruined possessions were littered on the street. Many houses inside had wood and cement in piles like scrap metal at a junk yard.  The creases and wrinkles on the walls looked as if the houses had been abandoned years ago. 2,500 homes were left without power and without any heat. On the side streets, the British military, the fire brigade, and laborers were clearing homes of ruined belongings. There are about 350 personnel deployed in the city with the needed equipment, including a Chinook helicopter, providing help to whoever needs it. The water had now declined but there are still drowned mud piles on every other step. Many of these same homes were swept by the floods ten years ago.  There is 2.3 billion pounds of capital investment provided by the Environmental Agency to assist the at-risk communities.


“I really wanted to show my support by coming here today. I had so many different things, and I canceled them and came here today with Penny Appeal and the Amir Khan Foundation.” said the 29 year old boxer. “We came here and I hope we did make a difference. We built that awareness and show people what is really happening here.”


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