The Status of Mental health in the UK


Foundations and experts all over UK are calling for a change to the approach to Mental Illness. With a lack of proper funding and programs, concerns are being raised over the current system. The government has vowed to change their policy but does the problem really lie there? Is it possible that the real issue is not the system but the lack of information regarding mental health?

I noticed articles in BBC News, The Guardian, The Mirror and Huffington Post. Situations such as lack of funding for mental health, the NHS trusts being ranked in risk of poor care, hospitals criticized by various MPs were involving. I was interested in the root of these problems. I initially investigated the topic without a core angle. I looked at books, recent articles, and the status of mental health foundations. I spoke with people around me to understand more. I was able to conceive the notion of the root problem being underlain in the misinformation and misunderstandings surrounding mental illnesses. Because of these false ideas of mental health, depression and anxiety for example remained untreated or wrongly treated. The severity of mental illness was undervalued by the general public.


Ellis Thompson of the Mental Health Foundation

Dr. Abid Malik, a consultant psychiatrist at Salford Royal Hospital.

Dr Imran Ali, a consultant psychiatrist in Stafford


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