Movember Proves A Success Once Again.

The annual Movember has passed once more. Movember is a month in which men grow a moustache and women support them along the way in their cause. Started in 2003 by the Movember Foundation, the month is used to raise awareness and funds for men’s health particularly about prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and physical inactivity. The campaign uses the moustache to symbolise manliness. It highlights the concern men should have of their health and how gender can be a way to avert these issues. The moustache symbolises the need to be aware of one’s health. Or as they say ‘real men facing real issues’.


Now on its twelfth year, The campaign pans out to Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, UK, USA and many other countries. It began however in a pub as an idea between two friends which stretched to involve thirty friends and now five million ‘MoBrothers’ and ‘MoSisters’. The Movember Foundation has raised 402 million pounds since their humble beginnings. There were various events supporting them such as MoRunning, Mo Parties and the Movember Awards.

A MoRun took place in Manchester with Mancunians running 5K and 10K around Heaton Park in support of the cause. The run took place on November 22nd with Participants wearing MoRun T-Shirts, MoRun Headbands, Legend and Superhero medals for fancy dressers, goodies and even Yellow Winner Jerseys for 1st finishers, Champion Medals and free entry to 2016.  The University of Manchester encouraged students and staff to register for the event. They donated 1500 pounds last year to the cause. Central Manchester University Hospitals are also raised awareness of men’s health through Movember. Their famous logo was also seen on everywhere from transport to buildings.


They have funded 832 men’s health projects worldwide. They have also been ranked 72nd out of the top non-governmental organisations in the world. They support Prostate Cancer UK, donating 21 million over the last three years to them. Prostate Cancer UK offers service such as information, helpline, one-to-one support, and regional services to anyone who needs it. They highlight issues detrimental to the men community. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK, with testicular cancer being the most common between men ages 25 to 49 worldwide. By reports of the World Health Organisation, 13 men in the UK each day die by their own hands, which is over half a million yearly all around the world. 41% of men in high-income countries don’t get the needed exercise. However sadly, UK income of the Movember Foundation fell by a quarter last year, which is exactly why it is so important to be part of the cause this year and the next.

Donate to their cause here.


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