Strong at the Broken Places


I’m a child on a lifeboat lost at sea
Unsure where I want to go, who I want to be
Counting the waves like one two three
Counting the seconds like one two three

Counting the lies they want me to believe
The truths they concede,
Everything they conceal, only to plant their seeds
Cut the stems and flourish the weeds
How many branches are in the way, maybe one two three

Eventually I’ll cut the trees, but believe me, there’s only the tough barks
Lathers in degrees, stark like the night and black as blood in the moonlight
I can barley see, past the sun, the rays like striking thunder on my skin
Thirst on my tongue, body and mind numb, as my eyes get dim

I can feel the water rising, flooding my feet, soothing and rocking like a long sleep
Until the reflections clear and the motion complete
Heavy all over me, settling in my soul, dense like concrete

Shapes in the sky, clouds like little white pyres
Loud and lonely, hours like melancholy choirs
Over the ocean, like a train through exposed wires
I’m the only one, the only one for which the stations tired

My arms are open wide, rowing to shore
My eyes closed shut as rain begins to pour
heart beating out of my soul through my core,
Counting the minutes now like what’s the score

How much longer, how much more can I really endure
I don’t need to worry, I’ll be home soon I’m sure
With my arms around myself, I bare to fold
To remember my mother’s embrace In this empty cold
I lie down on the boards with my head between my knees
Any second now, someone something will come set me free
Passing the time with another fairytale with no guarantee
Passing the time with another make believe, another false belief
Passing the time with what I want, drowning from what I need
Passing the time with one……two……three….


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