Lovely Temperature

I’m going to speak truthfully
Because it’s in truth I believe
Honesty, loyalty, Gucci and jewellery
I care the most about things that matter the least
Wake up to the mirror, look back at pictures of me
All of these places, calling my name
These postcards from space, like a long lost longing pain
Gone like a scar, still leaves its stain
But I’m still there in my head, like a record cracked, saying the same
It’s only a second, with time melted black
I wrote down the sentences only to have the meaning held back
I was a runner in circles and then I lost track
Took me apart yet left me intact
They told me move on but I’m living in the past
Can’t take the perspective, wasn’t any impact
My hands are coarse and scarred and I wonder some days gone by
But I wonder the in-betweens and I wonder the whys
Missionary in a land of incomplete
My religion is death, my heart is steel, and the ground below my feet a land of disbelief
How cold have you been
Leaving me here in pieces with all these priests
You could spell the ways they said your name
Called these pertinent to its final plain
Rosary on the cemented ground
Read the cress on the paper, beating the bless out the nouns
Watching the sand flood from the grain
I am the road that can never change
Takes you the same
Place you need to go
Hoping wishing praying
I’ll be leaving soon but for now I’m staying
I’m leaving now, nah, I’m staying
Need to leave me now, I’ve gone insane
Threads through these clothes like Richard James
Dressed up like you someone famous
You’ve heard of me, no need for names as such
Surprised they can even walk aligned
With the weight of ego resting on their minds
Sold their souls to the devil long ago, the ink’s even dried
I sold my soul to want and a need I couldn’t forgo, till I awoke and found it was all a lie
I slept into a nightmare and woke up baptised
Like the lord looking down on me, but I’m too small to see with her eyes
Maybe if she squints, she can barley make me out but she doesn’t have the time
But that’s all I got so I’ll keep trying
Make this water to whiskey and then wine
Drink it halfway through and can’t even walk a straight line
Now look who’s talking, look who’s about to sign
Dot my i’s and cross my t’s and hope to die
Lost my way, dug my grave, don’t ask me why
Standing arms out wide like I’m about to be crucified
Standing, hands down, there’s the truth for you, truthfully, magnified.


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