Product of the System

Let me remember what was written on my checklist
It’s nothing new
I tried to persist, resists and coexist everyday all in the same wish
Swore I wrote it down on my wrist
Even on my better days, mornings felt restless
On the best nights, the gravitated light
Even those times I could not forget it
Like a ocean swallow all I regretted
Hollow in the black of the abyss that settled in mist
Cards all cold, and I already betted
But nevertheless, we gotta go head first isn’t it?
Isn’t that what we were told from the start and set
To hold our head high like we light headed
To hold our breath tight we might have our chests torn open
White in our eyes like a wedding
Hands in our pocket, mouths locked, minding our own business, in a mental fit, parts of us falling apart, when the truth is already embedded
It’s not that i didn’t speak out, it was that I wasn’t heard despite already having said it
Maybe I didn’t speak too loud, maybe I needed to be better at the way I pronounce
Yet still I pretend it’ll make a difference
Like each of these imprisionments are only dependent on my sentences, deciding these sentence terms, are still given to better men
Trapped behind bars, I’m a victim of my words
But when I get out, I’ll move to the suburbs
Get married, big house, maybe a no longer need to park on the curb
Go home having worked and earned whatever I’m worth
No longer needing insecurity to feed my ambition
No longer needing to rely on my stitches
To keep me together, past the veins on my wrists, that’s all I’m wishing
I remember watching actors act about dreams in the pictures
But even that’s just memories now that we’ve grown up different
I’m not going to choose to remember the past or hold close the present
I’ll wake up another day, living asleep as a product of the system


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